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"Load nothing but tracers in the bottom half of your mag."
One of my favorites, knew that was dumb from the get go, I did make my last 4 tracers but not half the mag. Also we loaded mags from a can filled with a hodgepodge of Mk262 77gr OTMs and M855 62gr ball and I was told I should alternate every other round so that the M855 could punch through the car door and the Mk262 could easily follow behind and the "hollow point" would do more damage. I said "uh... Sure Sgt, whatever you say"

I don't claim to be an expert in laws or self defense tactics. I am, however, hyper alert/vigilant, proficient with a handgun and one of the better shooters in my company with a rifle. I will never clear a house/apartment by myself or even with another person who doesn't know exactly how its done, good way to have my little brother/mom/dad/girlfriend shoot me in the arse. The best choice IMHO when caught in a pickle whether in your own home or out in town is to hold your pos and defend yourself and those in your immediate vicinity if needed. Let the fight find you, hope that it doesn't, and be prepared when it does.

You want good advice? You need a SWAT cop with a minimum of 15 years of service in a big city AND a lawyer. I would think the two combined would cover most of your bases. And as always common sense is indispensable.

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