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i've had 2 tauri handguns - one semi auto, one wheelgun
1st the s/a -- it was my first gun. i was so excited to get it, hold & go shooting with it. it was one of their first 380's and a total POS. it was too big, too clunky but the sights were too small and hard to acquire. the trigger was very long & gritty - i sold it to get my 2nd gun ever & that gun is still with me
2nd is one of their first mod 94's -- a 22lr wheelgun. this too has one of the nastiest triggers i've have had - long & heavy one of the funniest things about this gun is its "self adjusting sights" i thought it was just me but several shooting buddies noticed that in the course of a range session, the rear sight would move left & right. I have ended up keeping this gun. Over the years, I have abused the snot out of this gun simply because I didn't care what happened to it...BUT...I learned to shoot DAO using this gun. I've put ten's of thousands of rounds through this gun and have had a lot of fun with it and as a result of shooting that POS trigger, every other DAO trigger I've shot has been easy & nicer to use
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