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not on the inside

Daddy C, no the insides are NOT shiny, and the primer pockets do NOT get cleaned----MUCH! The finer corncob media does a better job of cleaning the primer pockets, but still leaves some carbon in the bottoms.

As I said before, you don't NEED them any cleaner. The media gets inside the cases, cleans chunks of unburned powder from the inside. More than that is just not needed. As for the primer pockets, I almost never clean them. It's been shown time and again that primer residue doesn't build up and does not affect the firing of the primer.

IF I were worried about the insides and primer pockets, I would run them through my US unit.. It DOES get all the carbon out of the inside and clean the primer pocket. It does not shine them up though.

As for the carbon inside a case, it too does not build up, it's more of a stain than having any substance to it. Any liquid media with citric acid in it will remove all the carbon. It will also bleach out the dark tarnish on the outside of the cases. Brass found exposed to rain and sun will be darkly stained. The acid bath removes, changes the chemical structure of the stain.

I once bought some,(500), NEW LC brass. Never fired, imagine not having to trim or remove the primer crimp! It was clearly rejected because it had gotten WET! It was stained pretty much all over the entire case. 16 minutes in my ultrasonic cleaner with Hornady case cleaner made them all brass colored!
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