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Lee Precision makes a set - cheap, but you can make your own with cut down brass and wire handle to your exact load charge. You can bend or solder a wire handle on the brass case. Safest way to reload. Static volume and no moving parts. I got two Lee sets so I could modify. You can modify by filling bottom with cardboard or just about anything or just cut down a larger "dipper/brass case." My process is used by some, hand prime off the press and charge with a dipper. Use Classic Turret in single-stage mode. You could use Lee Breech Lock Hand Press as suggested, and load in the comfort of your home. You can get +/- .1 grain with practice. If you are a competition shooter it may not work. I'm good with +/- .2 grains as I never hit the red-line. I like mid-to-high end loads.

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