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Pic is a target shot from "25 yards" with the Ruger 22/45 rested and scoped. 15 shot group ".75 inch" CTC, excluding the 2 shots I pulled. Ammo was match. Oh... this is out of the box/ no mods/ cept a cheap NcStar 2.5 x 30 pistol scope on a 300 dollar pistol
It's a shame you're so far away.
I'd wager a steak dinner you (not me) could use my scoped S&W .22/s, rested, and put 50 rounds of any old bulk .22 ammo through that hole in the center of that target - @ 50 yards.

It's a real shame S&W has/had to make the .22/s and .22/a such a POS also.
Mine is simply amazing as to how accuruate it shoots.
I really wish it wasn't so poorly executed as far as production goes.
It's only becase of that I can't recommend one to anybody.

The only really good news though is they have a lifetime warranty.
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