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I'm with bob and steve on this one also. I carry a 4 3/4 cattleman in .45 colt...also in the PS6sa. Before that, I exclusively carried a 5" kimber in either a speed scabbard or a galco royal guard. I had no trouble concealing either of them. Really, given the amazing ergonomics of the grip and the slimness of the entire gun save for the cylinder...not to mention as high as the mernickle holsters put a SAA, they hide very well (not that's a really big deal to me) I've wore mine several times out in flip flops with cargo shorts under a loose fitting T shirt and my Dad didn't even know I had it.

But....I wouldn't really recommend the SA revolvers to a experienced shooter.

PS. The pastor of our church growing up was behind the pulpit every Sunday with a Charter Arms Pug .38 in his waistband

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