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Loading from lite target to seim hot rounds,any suggestions?

You will be hard pressed to find any ONE powder to do all of that WELL in .38, .357 and .44. If you are looking for one powder that will just work for those purposes then you already have found it....Unique. Having 2400 also means you have most bases covered. Powder costs are similar for most varieties of burn rate. Having two different 4 lb jugs cost no more that one 8 lb jug, but will give better performance. I have found IMR4227 to be a tag more accurate in my revolvers than 2400 and is just as versatile. When I want full tilt magnum power I use H110/W296. Unique will always be on the shelf. While Unique does not meters the best by weight, and many folks don't like it because of this, it does meter well by volume and consistent volume means it shoots consistently. While your charge weights may vary by +/.1 or .2gr, if the volume is consistent, so will be your accuracy.
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