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I've only handled the non-accustock synthetic Savages and they do feel a bit chintzy

Which Savage are you talking about? The Axis Series?> Yes i would agree with you,those stocks are not the best. But,don't let the feel fool you. I have a Axis in a 243 and that sun of a gun is a tack driver from the get go.
The only way i see it needed is if you are going to do long range target shooting. I have 2 brand new Stocks from the Savage Model FVSS Series just sitting around. I replaced them with Varmint Thumb hole stocks. I use both these ( 223 and 308 ) for long range shooting. I only replaced them for the estetic value. Neither rifle is any more or less accurate with the new stocks.
The Axis Series stock is not top of the line by far,but is moe than good enough unless you want to put a bi-pod on it. I did last year update my 308 to Dog Tracker Stock. I was using the 308 for FTR class,but decided i like F class more. Now the 308 is just for bench shooting and having fun.

I am a Die Hard Savage fan,but don't get suckered into the Hype ( IMHO ) on the Accustock.
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