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Yes, you can use the kitchen oven as long as your significant other is gone for the day and you use lots of ventilation during/after and you clean the oven afterwards. Those types of finishes not only produce some nasty fumes while curing, they will also do a thing called "Solids Transfer". The curing vapors will deposit solid material onto the surfaces of the oven. The next time the oven is used, some of those solids can transfer back onto the next thing being "cured" the pizza.

The oven in my shop that I use for curing finishes is huge. It's a recirculating type. It has blowers that keep air moving around inside of it while curing. Some "old" air is pushed out while new air is being pulled in. I still have to wipe down the inner surfaces once in a while to prevent build-up. It gets thick. Yeah, there's a LOT of parts cured in that oven but any at all on the family dinner is to much.

Use lot's of ventilation while curing and afterwards. The fumes are pretty bad. Last but not least: Watch for the cops! Everybody knows that meth-labs give off nasty odors. heh heh. Firearms finishes smell pretty strong while curing. You may not notice it but a (..Wait for it...!..) nosy neighbor may think you're cooking something illegal. Keep yer powder dry, Mac.
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