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I will put the noslers on my list to try as well, although I hope my gun will like something a little cheaper. Mobuck- is there any factory ammo that uses the 100gr sierras? oldandslow- thanks for the recrowning tip, i havent thought of that. If I dont find more accurate ammo i will give that a try. It makes me wonder if the Howa barreled actions arent up to the same QC standards as what gets shipped to weatherby for the vanguards. If im not mistaken they have a 1 moa guarantee. But I wont make an assumption until I shoot some premium stuff through mine and see if theres any improvement. Also with my shooting and just using a single bull's bag for a rest, i probably wont see better than 1 moa out of a rifle that would shoot the same hole in someone else's hands. But Im workin on it.
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