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PB just changed the layout but gave the option to keep the old one which is what I did. I upload pics. Hover mouse pointer over pic of choice. The links appear at bottom of pics. Left click on the IMG tag and it automatically copies it. I usually have my text box open in here and don't get the link until I get to the point where I want to put the pic. Just paste the link directly in the text box. You do not have to use the forums image hooey.( I never have). It will appear as a link when you paste it but will be a pic when you post it. If you use the image hooey on the forum I think you have to use the URL code instead of the IMG code. With PB you don't have to keep a bunch of pics loaded on your puter. You can make different folders to keep your pics organized so you don't have to search thru a bunch of pics to find what you want. I have 83 albums with anywhere from 1 to 144 pics in each one. You can even direct link to Facebook, Twitter etc.
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