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While I agree that the statement is wrong, I would also disagree that the statement is some sort of blatant anti-rights statement. It isn't. What the cop is explaining is that the cops would shoot anyone who appears to be a threat. If true, that is definitely on the wrong end of how to handle things as it shows a complete lack of target identification and lack of proper training. What is more likely the case is that the cops have the potential to shoot anyone that they see as a threat in such events and non-clearly identified as cops with guns in such events could and likely would be perceived as a threat. This happens with some regularity with undercover cops getting shot. So in this regard, the problem is a reality that COULD happen.

However, in most cases where cops are involved, they do give warnings before shooting. That isn't to say that the shootees always hear the warnings, but this does happen.

Falcon, I don't think you would have a lot to worry about in an active shooter situation at your school. Assuming you don't have an SRO on property, you will undoubtedly have 3-15 minutes before cops even arrive on scene. That is a LONG time. There would be a lot of defending you might need to do in that time frame. So weigh out the consideration. Do you worry about the active shooter killing you now or do you worry about the possibility of being killed by a confused cop? Which would be more likely? The answer is that the former would be more likely. You gotta handle first problems first. Ask Dan McKown about his fear of getting shot by cops and instead being riddled by the Tacoma Mall shooter.
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