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My best wishes for your success. You seem to have thought this out carefully. My concern is about time. Personally, it would take me a while - some hours - to shoot 350 rounds in a session. In fact, that is well beyond any session round count that I have ever shot.....that is just me......ymmv and obviously will.
Do you have a or do you plan to set a goal for each session beyond just shooting 350 rounds a day. It would be interesting if you posted that along with any other news when you report back on this project.
When to start? I have shot at DCPA many times. Is that where you will being doing some of this?
My music teacher is fond of the expression: Practice makes permanent. Only perfect practice makes perfect. Seems like that idea gets around.
Ps - where are you getting primers for $25/1000?
obvious the goals are a little different for the different styles of shooting i will be doing. obviously accuracy all around. i need to relearn my shooting stance, how i draw from a holster since i can no longer use the full range of motion in my neck/back/shoulder as of right now. time on target and follow up shot speed. the first few weeks will mostly be me working on the arm/back strength to go shooting for a while so that i can work up my stamina for shooting in a match that might require some ready time and active shooting. I have started to try holding a gun loaded with solid lead filled brass to strengthen my arm up but the strength training im doing doesn't really translate to shooting stance steadiness and strength as much as actual practice will.

most of the shooting will be at dcpa. for the use of rifles i have access to alot of land but right now i am nervous about recoil and the effect it will have on my neck and back. so i will put off shooting those till later in the year.

as far as practice makes permanent i agree and i have often found that if i struggle on shooting it is better sometimes just going and shooting steel to relax and not try to focus so hard makes a world of difference. its this that drew me to shooting in the first place. no matter who you shoot with or against you always compete with yourself first.

for the primers i have had luck with powder valley at 25/box for the cci and also at cabela's at 24.99 per box for the cci primers. i usually clear the shelf at cabelas when im there but you have to add in tax but its usually a was with the gift card offers they send me all the time.

sometimes even midway has the military cci primers for 23-25 per box. usually its a matter of shopping around. I also have my lgs that doesn't do reloading supplies so i talked them into doing wholesale +$1 per box for primers but i have to usually order a good amount to make it worth while since they don't deal in them a lot so they don't get the best prices on them.
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