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Georgia Acquisition

My brother in law lives in St. Marys Georgia. While we were away from home we visited him.

He has told me of a good LGS between his house and I-95. So after the visit and on the way back home, I stopped at the shop.

He had the Winchester clone I was looking for at a good price.

These have been going for as low as 410.00 plus shipping plus FFL on the Gumbroker. The guy sold it to me for 459.00 plus tax and no FFL fee. (He covers the FFL for Military folks.)

Name of the shop is Shooters of America 912-270-8752. [email protected]

He quoted me a price on the 24" octagon barrel job which actually beats GB.

This one is .45 LC. He had a .44 magnum and a .357 Saddle Ring as well.

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