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You two correct me please if I'm wrong Beagle 333 & Hawg Haggen

1.-Open an account with photo bucket. (name and password)
2.- Transfer pix from your computer to photo bucket (by using p/b directions.) Leave the P/B page running. Than go to TFLF and open it to the Subject Thread /and open a Post Reply blank page. Leave the (blank) Post Reply page running like your P/B page is.
3.Go back to P/B and Look at picture/s stored in your Library. Left click on the one wanting to transfer to TFLF.
4.You'll see a gear thing appear in the pictures corner. Click on it.
5.Menu->(Get Media links) and click on it also.
6. Choose either (Direct link or Img link.) Both are equally good to use and give pretty much the same end results.
7. Click on either Direct or Img link (only one do you choose and click on)
8.Open the (blank) Post Reply page again that was let running.
9. Look for (Insert Image) on the page menu above. Click on it.
10. Box will appear (Please enter URL) Click your key boards Delete button and clear or remove the (http://) completely. (a must do!!)
11. Now right click your mouse and enter the P/B link you chose to use and paste to the line.( If it doesn't appear. Just go back to P/B and click again & re-copy the link.)
12. Blank TFLF Post Page should immediately accept the link and show the Link below. You are done and your picture is now posted.
Click on Post Reveiw and check out your picture. If wanting too. You than you can go back into your Post page and write anything you desire below the blue P/B link.

I'd print this page and use it as a helpful guide/road map of direction sort of. Good luck with your posting I'm happy to have helped. As are all the rest here looking on. (get them Pix's post now Bill Carson!!)


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