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Go for it.

My best wishes for your success. You seem to have thought this out carefully. My concern is about time. Personally, it would take me a while - some hours - to shoot 350 rounds in a session. In fact, that is well beyond any session round count that I have ever shot.....that is just me......ymmv and obviously will.
Do you have a or do you plan to set a goal for each session beyond just shooting 350 rounds a day. It would be interesting if you posted that along with any other news when you report back on this project.
When to start? I have shot at DCPA many times. Is that where you will being doing some of this?
My music teacher is fond of the expression: Practice makes permanent. Only perfect practice makes perfect. Seems like that idea gets around.
Ps - where are you getting primers for $25/1000?
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