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Well right now I am looking for a BL22
I have one of the BL22's with the engraving. IIRC, it's a grade II.
Pretty little gun with a nasty trigger.
It's been back to Browning twice to have the trigger reworked to make it at half way decent.
It cost me an arm and a leg to buy it in 2000.
I disliked it enough that I tried to trade it back in on something else.
The dealer didn't want it back and said the only way would be if he really low balled me on the value.
I didn't want to take that bad of a hit so I hung on to it.

It's also got a funky weird way of cocking. The trigger moves along with the lever. At first I thought that was pretty innovative. The more I used it though, the more it irritated me.

To be 100% fair though....

MY wife had earlier picked up a Wincheter "Trapper" in .22.
That thing is to die for smooth, has a great trigger, "normal" cocking and cost less - a whole lot less.

FWIW - I picked mine up the day my grandson was born. It was my intention to buy him a nice lever action .22 that he could have when the time came.
I didn't want it to be a gift type of gun, I wanted it to be a "grandpa gun", something I shot and took care of then handed it off to him when the time came.
LOL! Best laid plans and all that eh?
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