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As I have commented before,here:I can only put together one reason why this Fast and Furious operation happened.
It was intended to create international outrage over violence in Mexico via guns traveling through US gun dealers.
That international outrage would be used to drive through gun legislation.

If there is another line of thought that connects the dots I'd like to read it.

It would also take a "willful suspension of disbelief" to accept the White House and Attorney General had no knowledge.

So,now I ask,what sort of events were the 2000 AK-47's supposed to be connected to in order to generate this outrage?

I do not think it was shooting road signs.

No.The guns walking into Mexico were to generate outrage over tragic,senseless acts of slaughter.

That happens in Mexico.The drug cartels practice terrorism.I have seen pictures of rows of decapitated heads on a dance floor,bodies dissolving in barrels of lye.

Its not just criminal versus criminal.The decent,law abiding citizen is as likely to be the victim.

I work in an elementary school.My "every day" is about the kids,the teachers,the parents,the playground.

My grandaughter started Kindergarten this year.

The Mexican people in Mexico ,where our government walked the AK-47s,the Mexican people in Mexico,they love their children,too.And their mothers,and fathers,sisters,brothers.They bleed the same,they cry the same.

I hope you will think deeply about what Fast and Furious really means.

And the incredible hypocrisy.

Where does the political theatre stop?
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