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GSR Pricing...

Chettt, It made me feel better about the price of the GSR by comparing it to the other Ruger offerings and the other scout rifle comparables. For example, the cheapest .308 Ruger you can get new is the American .308. It's @ around what $350 or so online? No mauser type extractor, peep sites (or any sights), picatinny rail, flash hider, or 10 round magazine. The model line jumps up to the M77's at, what no less than $550 or so online? These at least have the Mauser type extractor but still have floor plates and no 10 round mag's, metal sights, etc, etc...

I'm sure the sum of the extra goodies on the GSR aren't $200 over the M77. But when you add a flash hider, metal sights, picatinny rail, and detachable magazines- the price would have to at least be higher... than an M77. For me it was worth it. Nevertheless I'm sure there is some hype to the price.

In regards to the other manufacturers of scout rifles Steyr was out of the question for me due to price. So I felt that really only left me to consider Savage. Personally I'm just not as big of a Savage fan as I am Ruger. But their rifle is at least comparable to the GSR in form/function. Theirs is a little bit cheaper- like $50 to $100 less, I think? (correct me if I'm wrong I'm going from memory here). Those have a 20' barrel, no flash hider, and don't come with a 10 round mag. I like it though, and you can get a 10 rounder for it...

So when I held all that into consideration I figured the price of the GSR really wasn't all that bad!
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