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Originally Posted by sc928porsche
You cant count the cost of labor. You are not trying to retail and this is done to both save money and give you some enjoyment.
Sorry, it's my labor and I can count it if I want to.
If you were not reloading, you would probably be spending money on entertainment.
True. But I don't think I will add those savings into my calculations.
I suppose that if you want to add the cost of labor, then off set it by how much you would spend doing something else ie: Having some drinks with the boys, visiting your local gentlemens' club, going to a concert. You get the idea.
By golly, I think you might be coming around to my way of thinking.

Originally Posted by Sport45
How much does it cost us to participate in internet forums?
Since you asked, I did a quick calculation. $2.50 per hour.

Lost Sheep

p.s. No offense meant by this post in any way. Having fun is just part of the benefits I get for my $2.50 per hour in addition to valuable advice and useful knowledge.
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