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Based upon 30 years experience dealing with bad people in bad places and situations, you are a fool (or never been in a real "situation") if you do not think a light is invaluable in any low light deadly force situation. Also, you probably never trained hitting a target in the dark or understand proper light discipline. Secondly, if you shoot someone, you better be able to articulate to a jury the threat. Just because an unarmed person is in your home may not justify a shoot situation. Know your state law. Third, it's probably the threat you don't see that will kill you. Worst of all, should you accidentally shoot your neighbor, family member or friend (whether or not they should have been there) is something you will have to live with. One universal rule of shooting is target identification and acquisition before you pull the trigger. A light allows you to do both. So many of the comments on this string are so wrong it is clear people are just talking out their "six".....most likely by Xbox warriors.

Good comments allaroundhunter.
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