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I use a Supertuck - the clips go on the pants then the belt goes on over the clips and the shirt tucks in. I prefer to wear a wider leather belt so the belt itself covers most of the clips except for the little tabs that stick out beneath the belt for support. That's when I'm wearing normal weather gear.

Warm weather EDC means I switch to a Blackhawk IWB bag holster. That clip slips on over the pants AND belt but I don't tuck my shirt in so its all covered anyway. Typically I'd wear an undershirt (like a tank top) tucked in then a lightweight button down shirt over it. The outer shirt covers the gun.

My wife uses a either or of the same - and also has a clipless IWB holster for those days she's not wearing a belt. It has grippy external sides and actually just sits there IWB. Usually this is when she's wearing a skirt.

I don't know how others wear theirs but that's how I wear mine most of the time.
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