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For the money these are the best binoculars I've run across. I have binos that currently sell for $600 that are only slightly better. I've read coments by a few professional guides who have used them from Africa to Alaska who feel the same.

When replacing a recoil pad use a $2 flip flop from Walmart. Cut a little large, epoxy on the stock and trim to fit afterward. They really work great, hold up well, weigh 1/2 oz compared to 4-6oz for a standard pad, and will save you $40 or so. A great way to reduce the rifles weight if that is your goal.

Buy a $6 bicycle innertube. Cut about 2-3" sections off and use them for handgun grips. They are just tacky enough, (in more ways than one) to give a good grip without making the grip thicker. I have them on all my Glocks and AR's. Not the greatest photo, but they are on my G-20 in this photo

Wrap electrical tape over your rifles muzzle at the beginning of hunting season to keep rain and other debris out of your muzzle. It also helps protect the crown from damage. The air pressure in the barrel will blow the tape off before the bullet gets there and it does not effect accuacy at all. I keep spare tape on the barrel.

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