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Stevens model 320 12 gauge shotgun, and shotgun tactics -- PART TWO. Street Cop, Stra

More tips, tactics, and run-in shooting with my model 320 Stevens tactical 12-gauge scattergun.

For the money it is a good home defense choice for budget minded shooters. I will put more rounds through it as time passes, and get it broke in and smoother. It shoots well, and points right on instinctively for me. I mainly used the Winchester military grade 2 3/4 00 buck loads. In this session I fired a few 3-inch magnum loads, and they are a handful in such a light shotgun. The magnums are not needed for the close quarters of home defense, and can actually slow down your recovery, and if you are recoil sensitive may make you less accurate. Considering the ghost ring sights this model is a real bargain.

I like shooting it, and had a fair day with it. I was sick all night last night, and decided to go and shoot today. Why? Because a bad guy isn’t going to send you a text and tell you to rest up for tomorrow because he is coming for you! I like to shoot under the worse conditions, as I truly believe, and have seen it time after time on the streets,
S--- goes down under the worse of conditions when you are NOT at your best, and not prepared for the time and the place! Any fool can shoot his or her best under the best of conditions, but late at night whilst in your bed, this is NOT going to happen. Practice for the worse, and be ready for more strength than you may realize you have…

Good shooting…

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