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I was participating in a Rev War event in Elizabethton, Tenn. when we were "attacked" by a flying cannon ramrod. Our unit was advancing on the fort and the regular park personnel were firing the cannon from the wall. They were not familiar with firing the cannon multiple times. The cannon was fired, not swabbed, and a new charge of 1/2 lb. of black powder was rammed home. Problem was the powder was in a zip lock bag. It ignited as it was being rammed home. We saw, and heard, the ramrod coming and flattened out. The ramrod traveled about 50 yards end over end. The cannon crewman was wearing a heavy leather glove and did not suffer any injuries. The ramrod was not damaged. The spectators enjoyed the show.

I also knew a reenactor who was shot in the chest by a ramrod during the filming of a movie about the French and Indian War. The ramrod went through him and about 4" out his back. Fortunately no vital organs were damaged and he was fine after several days hospitalization. The ramrod was on top of about 100 grains of black powder and a paper wad. Rules on the movie set were "no ramrods" during filming battle scenes. No idea who actually had the ramrod in the musket.
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