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Don't take this wrong for there are many great "gun guys" but............

IMO, an average hunter is more knowkedgable about guns and their use than the average "gun only" shooter. It's true, some hunters only fire enough cartridges to sight in and put a deer on the ground. But most hunters shoot far more than that and take what they are doing very seriously. I see far more "gun only" types doing nothing more than burning ammo. Even when they are so-called "practicing" it really isn't much more than plinkin.

Me, I don't know what I am. All my guns, long and short, are based around hunting and field use. Still, I'm constantly working on my guns, handling them, working up loads and of coarse shooting. Some at paper, some at reactive targets, some at game. Doesn't mean I'm not having fun and enjoying my guns.
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