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How do I takedown a Pietta Lemat

This was writen by member MEC back in 2001: "

The Lemat is not difficult to take down to the major substructures-You put it on half cock, undo the latch at the bottom/front of the frame and unscrew the barrel from the shot barrel. The shot barrel may come off at the same time or separately. cylinder comes off a this point.

removing the side plate and lock work are quite difficult particularly because you need a split spanner type screwdriver blade to loosen the nut that holds the side plate on. The factory generally torques this in place with murderous and unnecessary force.

at the top of this picture, you will see a screwdriver blade that I modified with a file-slow process as I didn't want to use anything to harm the temper. I the heated the area over an open flame and applied force to unscrew the side plate. Only when this is accomplished can you unscrew the screw on the right side of the frame. You need a thin profile screwdriver for this I had to modify one for this job also. There is no need to re-tighten on reassembly.

When he says "You put it on half cock, undo the latch at the bottom/front of the frame". What I am taking for the latch, does not budge. Am I suppose to pull it down or pull the pin out. If there is someone that can help this 62 year old child, he would appreciate it.
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