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The 10.4" is my dream AR... in The Unit they use it a few times, MSgt Mack Gerhardt uses one in the episode they have the French guy with a memory card of terrorists surgically installed in his body... he has the HK 416 10.4" with an EOTech and the look of it, with the specific pistol grip and stock and handguard the HK 416 has, with the short bbl, and the EOTech up top... it just looks amazing.

I looked online and at HKparts I said Notify Me a few months ago when the 10.4 uppers came in. *** THEY JUST EMAILED ME, $5000 FOR USED POLICE TRADE IN UPPERS ***

* Five. Grand. For ...Police Trade Ins. *. And SBRs aren't even legal here. I wanted on just in case we move this eyar.
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