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Baddaryll-- There are essentially 3 BL22 lever action 22's. These petite lever action rifles date back to 1969/70-- the date is under the receiver rather than on the side of the receiver and the barrel is marked "patent pending." These older BL22's came in Grade I and II (the latter have an engraved receiver). The trigger on these early BL22's are thought superior to those made since and up until our day. The French walnut on the early rifles was also superior and lovely (like mine). Today's BL22's continue in Grade I and II (receivers engraved). They are a fine rifle and at least in my experience with a 1970 -- very accurate. A 3rd BL22 variant is the octagon barreled version. These turn up from time to time and look pretty cool. I've never handled one but if you come across one you might want to grab it, as they are rare.

All nice rifles!

Just my .02

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