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Well first off let me address the fact you cannot have such a simple thing as an autoloading shotgun with a pistol grip protrusion.

So Benelli is almost all out of the equation, a lot of others, out... those that have conventional stock autos w/ tactical options often skimp or overcharge etc.

So for me, I'd be ECSTATIC with a Benelli M3 Convertible or a Benelli M4 with conventional stocks... In 2010 or maybe? Early 2011, Benelli apparently "accidentially" listed the ComfortTech stock on an M3 and had graphics featuring it... I had money and called up to order, they refused and said I was wrong. I got hung up on. I called back, they said I was wrong, I told them to look it up, they said no way., I finally got a really nice supervisor, she LOADED THE DARNED INTERNET SITE UP and said, Oh yeah, look at that... Shoot. Well you can't have it. I'll get back to you. And a few days later I get told, some kid made his own graphics and uploaded them without permsission but they could not honor it. And my point is, YOU CAN'T JUST TAKE A COMFORTECH AND STICK IT ON AN m3, *it will fit and be fine NJ legal etc* , Yeah, no , sorry. we hate you and btw You Suck!!

So The M3 Convertible is amazing, the M4 is the M1014 Joint Service Combat Shotgun... if I could have either I'd be ecstatic. Especially with the collapsible pistol-grip-stock... Mmm mm... amazing.

Past that, there are a few Remington 870 Police's ive seen that looked amazing ,same with the 11-87.. I'd love an 1187 Police, or an 870P ... I'd also love the parkerizing but maybe the Marine versions also... I alwasy thought alothough I love Mossberg parkerizing, the 590A1SPX in Marine would be so cool.
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