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Originally Posted by Pond, James Pond
Measuring the powder has always been the longest stage for me, unless I was using the auto disk. I now have several new loads, some of which are too big for the autodisk without being the double-decker kit. So, scale charging is the only really way forward.
Why not (instead of the double-disk kit) just deliberately double-charge? On the Turret, the auto-disk has a return spring and double-charging is just a matter of short-stroking the ram. Easily done, and if done right, carries no risk of stripping the indexing ratchet.

On another question, if you have a disk cavity that throws slightly too light of a charge you CAN ream out the cavity just a little. Be sure to mark it clearly as oversized.

If a cavity throws a little too heavy a load, you can drill a hole in the side of the disk into the powder cavity, thread the hole to accept a machine screw and use the intrusion of the machine screw into the cavity to reduce the powder capacity.

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