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Clean the chamber and bolt. It could have grease or other preservative in there. There is sometimes a little resistance, but it shouldn't be difficult to close the bolt.

You could have an ammo issue rather than a rifle issue. Trying another brand of ammo could solve your problem.

Do you have a scope mounted on it? With most scope mounts on a Remington they use longer screws on the rear receiver bridge. It is possible to get them reversed and put the longer screws on the front of the receiver. When this happens they come through the receiver and hit the bolt when you try to close it. Look inside the receiver and see if the scope mounting screws are protruding inside the action.
So this was great stuff and since I was just taught how to QUOTE lol (thanks much coyota1) I wanted to address each point.

I have cleaned the bolt extensively-- Sprayed it multiple times down with Breakfree CLP, let it soak overnight in CLP, buffed it down multiple times with new, and used, Remington RemOil wipes ( i buy the tub full of them and use a ton on just the bolt)... I have CLEANED AND RemOil'd/wipes this many times... so I can't see it being this. I have also tried to clean everything else and ... since I thought "cleaning the chamber" would be necessary but not sure how to do this... I have rolled up fresh RemOil wipes and stuffed them into the barrel'chamber area, then sprayed CLP on the excess so it would soak and saturate with CLP, and maybe pack another on in there ... and soak that. So the area had basically "cured" with CLP / RemOil wipes overnight several times. Short of somehow SCRUBBING with a brush... I don't know how to clean it better. In fact that was going to be my next questions, even my thin fingers can't get in there very perfectly, is there ways to scrub the area somehow?

I also thought the ammo could be. I basically could not find snap caps when I bought it so I took 5 of the box of ammo I bought with the rifle, expensive Federal Power Shok 180 gr soft points and designated them as rounds to test feed/function/and store in the magazine over night/etc. I will eventually try to shoot them but for now they are the ones I am 'sacrifiing" because I can tell they wont be aerodynamic bec. the bullets have got a little damaged. Anyway I took 5 of my new expennnnnsive Hornady Zombie 168gr. Z-Max tipped rounds, also they had trouble feeding. I did not force the issue so the bullet tips still look fine but I am not gonna keep feeding them till they break... (Zombie is basically Hornady TAP from what I understand, they make seveal versions I have bought 5? boxes of 168gr. Z-Max bullets, [i have 1:10 Tactical Rifling so I need heavy rounds] .. I would maybe buy other ammo and not SEEK OUT Zombie but it was what was available).

I do in fact have a scope. Someone on a local forum suggested the mount was installed so a screw could protrude, I checked and it was no. Now the mount was not working so it was removed, we completely took off the Leupold 1 piece mount and put on two piece Weaver mount (lil rails fore and aft) and new rings, and it still ahs the problem. .. So I can't see it ebeing the case if the mount and rings were completely changed.

Please keep the stuff coming, I will take any and all help and am gracious so far, I just wanted to make sure I address the stuff I have tried already so we can rule them out if possible. tytyvm!
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