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Well I found what I was looking for. The pins clean the interior of the cases and primer pockets. I soaked some cases ( 45 ACP & .223) for an hour some were primed and some deprimed. None were as scroungy as the cases others have posted but all were dull from oxidization. Pretty close to what is in post 27. Ater 1.5 hours of soaking in water, dawn dishwashing detergent, and a 1/4 teaspoon of lemon juice all were as shiny on the outside as a new case which was straight from the bag. Interior case walls of the .45 ACP were clean but not shiny, case bottoms and primer pockets still had some black residue.

I took pics but unless someone really wants to see I won't bother posting.

Oh and while I doubt if I will ever go to a wet pin method, Snuffy's pics are making me thing about going back to the dry method if I start doing a lot of pistol stuff again. Just dropping em in the tumbler before bed and next morning run em through the media separator sounds pretty good.
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