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Double action revolver in .357magnum for a first handgun to learn on is my choice.

Used is fine or new. Something with a 4 inch barrel. Smith &Wesson,Ruger,Colt,Tuarus. Lots of used deals to be found, lots of great new product to be had.

.357 allows you not only shoot the magnumcartridge but also the more affordable .38 special. Revolvers also force you to focus more to marksmenship. Also revolvers have far-less fail to fire/functional issues

Semi auto compacts I recogmend a .40sw cal. again in a manufacturer that you find and like most people gravitate towards the Glock series.. Myself I like Springfield and Smith and Weesson.

When learning to shoot Semi-auto's people tend to shoot fast,with is a good skill to master after the basics are mastered. SEmi Auto's have a higher possibility of failure to fire/functional issue than revolvers.

When it comes to reloading type of pistol only has a tiny bit to do with successful learning. But loading 38 special is pretty much is the cartridge many have learned to handload first.

The primary difference between the two platforms is that many fail to remember that a semi-auto pistil is ready to go again after the preceeding shot. The hammer is cocked and waiting for a single action (lighter!) trigger pull. THis is where many of the UD's occur, some with devastating results.

*(UD Unintentional Discharge)

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