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The Lee hand press is a nice idea, but this is just supposed to be a question of convenience and comfort, rather than spending lots of money.

I can hand prime. That is OK. Decapping and resizing is pretty quick.

Measuring the powder has always been the longest stage for me, unless I was using the auto disk. I now have several new loads, some of which are too big for the autodisk without being the double-decker kit. So, scale charging is the only really way forward.

I acknowledge people's warnings about the chance for errors, so what I will do, is set up the Lee Safety Scale in the garage before a loading session, set it to the weight I have written on my little tubs, pour the charge into the scale tray to confirm it as correct before then putting it in the case. I bought some bristle brushes today to help avoid static problems.

That way, the time-consuming powder trickling can be done indoors. It may not sound like much, but that will probably halve my reloading time in sub-freezing conditions. Somethings any number of my extremeties will be grateful for...
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