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Concealed carry suggestion sought.

I’ve been a shooter all my life, mostly rifle. The last few years I’ve been shooting a Dan Wesson .357 revolver, like it quite a bit and am leaning more toward handguns now over long guns.

My question is what to carry concealed. I have my permit and have taken a number of SD classes. I am a fairly small frame man, 5’ 7” and 135 pounds. I am in good condition (for my size) and middle aged, this is just what I been born with, so, carrying a 42 ounce full size revolver, concealed, isn’t realistic. What are your suggestions. This is primarily for self defense, considering either .40 S&W, 9mm or .380. I would prefer a single stack mag. simply because of the thinner grip and I suspect that would be easier to conceal. Most of the time when carrying I would be wearing a Polo type shirt or collared button up shirt and dockers or jeans. My daily routine does not warrant wearing a jacket or sport coat. Any thoughts or suggestions would be most welcome. Thanks.

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