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Originally Posted by Coltman77
I'd go with the Colt, it's the standard by which all other ARs are judged.

Does it cost more? Yes. Is it worth it? IMO, yes.

Good luck.

I really dislike posts like this with no information as to why Colt is better. Are they a good brand? Absolutely. Would I trust my life to a Colt AR? Absolutely. Would I have any doubt about using Colt parts in a build? Absolutely not.

But, just making a general statement about Colt being the best just fuels the fire that you are just paying for the name. I think we should focus on what makes a Colt AR a good AR as opposed to it being good because it's a Colt.

I'm sorry to offend your delicate sensibilities with my post. I certainly wasn't implying what you read into it.

On the other hand, I figured we all knew the history of Colt rifles and why they're regarded as an industry standard.

BTW, I noticed you didn't offer the OP any suggestions about what to purchase.

I'd suggest the next time you write a post you take a positive approach.
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