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more Springfield questions

I recently obtained a model 1903 Springfield rifle. Serial number 635,289 puts it in the low number category. Is there any way to find the exact history of this particular rifle? Like if it was used in WW1 and WW2? The barrel is dated 9-44 and has a punch mark on the flaming bomb stamp but appears to have another punch mark below that. The underside of the bolt has a small "r" and apunch proof mark next to it. The "r" i assume is for Remington. The receiver has no punch mark that i can see. The butt plate door seems to to have a punch mark too. Does this mean anything? If the arsenals reworked these rifles during the pre WW2 years shouldn't it be safe to shoot. The rifle has no cartouches anywhere. The strap is stamped "GADEW 1917 LHA".Does anyone know the meaning of this? Finally, the stock is stamped " A.W 147" by the right side of the butt stock. A soldiers initials and unit number maybe? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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