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I disagree with lights.
I've been around gunfire at night. I did not want any light source anywhere close to me. No matter how bad the position is, I can't imagine turning on a light to navigate in a fire fight.
1. I have also been around gunfire at night, and without the light, it was hard to know what was being shot at. Again, rule #1 is to know what you are shooting at.

2. The light is not used to navigate. It is used to identify the threat. When properly used, the light is flashed on to quickly check an area, then the user moves so that if fire is directed at where the light was, the threat will be shooting at the wrong place.

As far as why would someone be moving through their house? Well, to find family members and to hunker down with them, or retrieve them and move them back to a safe room.

If you don't want a flashlight, go for it. But having one does not mean that you have to use it. It is better to have and not need than need and not have.... And it is even better to have it and have the proper training with it....

What do you guys think about a flashlight adapter that would hold a cheap rear activated led light? I mean that thing is super bright and the adapter is only another 20 bucks vs 200 for a surefire
Any flashlight is better than no flashlight. Personally, I think that Surefires are way overpriced. Yes, they are great, but with their current products you are paying more for the name than the product.

A good Streamlight light can be had for around $100 (TLR-1)
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