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No the bolt definitely closes and it sometimes goes with very little problem, sometimes more force. Sometimes when I push forward it seems like the rounds don't want to go without a lot of pushing. Sometimes they go a lot easier...

And then when I go to "lock it down" by turning the bolt handle all the way to the right ,sometimes it takes a real push down, sometimes its easy.

And they generally extract fine. Although if I had to push real hard to lock the bolt down, i might have to reverse the process pretty hard to get the thing open/and extracted but the rounds still usually get flipped right out to the correct landing spot.

The tips of the 5 rounds I have decided to use as the 'testers ' the past 30 days or so have become pretty mashed, and you can see goldish color in the chamber area like it was marking it with the tip contacting the chamber area / mouth of the barrel where the bullet goes in.
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