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EXTREMELY difficult not to comment on the guy saying "There are much better scopes than Nikon for the price"

Total opposite dude... MAYBE there are better scopes but way more expensive, definitely NOT in the same price range.

You are way IMHO off in your saying Leupold VX1 even VX2 is better than the top Nikons, that's just crazy talk. MAYBE VX3 is on par with a Monarch, but this is $1000-$1300 vs. $5-$600... I LITERALLY compared two Leupold, a $1000 VX3 and a $1300 VX3L next to two Nikon Monarchs, a 5-20x44 and a 6-24x50mm , 530 and 600 respectively, the Nikon Monarchs seemed clearer, higher resolution, and 'better' and *LITERALLY* half priced.

I said it before and will say it again, Leupold has been trading on their name for a loooong time. Whereas a company like Apple constantly makes newer neater brighter-shining products revolutionizing their name and company, (Like them or not I don't want to start that argument), Leupold seems to be the opposite, they have been using the famous name and rep they accuired decades ago and use that to justify high high end prices... Nikon is literally the guys who design perfect and design *optics*, they are glass and lens engineers... pretty sure that means they supply the best guts of a scope to go with the rest of their engineering and features.

Zeiss is another great product, sure great name, I would be HAPPY to have one on top of my scope. But literally would need to spend DOUBLE literally double cash value to have the same amount of scope I have now in the Nikon Monarch I wear that would say Zeiss on it.
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