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new Remington 700, difficulty when chambering a round/working the action

Hi all,

Basically the new Remington 700 SPS Tactical AAC-SD .308 is having trouble when I chamber a round. It has NOT been fired yet I won't get to the range for a bit but I tried it out just cycling and its difficult. It seems like the tips of the bullets are getting pushed into the bottom of the chamber and sometimes it doesn't want to push a round from the magazine follower forward at all, sometimes its difficult, sometimes when I get it all the way up, and I go to turn down the bolt to 'lock it in' its hard.

Now this is my first bigger caliber bolt action rifle I've bought and maybe it's just brand new? I have not shot it so maybe it needs to simply be 'loosened up' and i am totally fine with that. But when you know something is wrong and you read these horror stories like *Oh it's probably chambered for a different round than .308* or "you have a .308 barrel but .223 chamber" etc. etc... Or even "your extractor is most likely broken" all sorts of stuff, and without knowing what i'm looking for , everything ;Looks; fine.

I am not sure if it's ADL BDL GDL etc. but it has a hinged baseplate w/ follower attached... not any magazine system. I have WANTED an external magazine etc. but that is not what I have lol, I have 4 rounds + 1 round chambered w/ the hinged baseplate... And again it could shoot fine, andI am hoping it does, but if anyone has any insigh plz. let me know, Thanks!!!
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