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from the way that article read the lemi shine makes em shiny, just tumbling with the pins detergent and water cleans but does not shine. Best guess on the net of the composition of lemishine is it is just citric acid hemihydrate. That would act as a water softener as well as descaling the brass.I did a experiment a year or so ago where I soaked a couple of pieces of LC brass in a quart of water with some lemon juice for an hour and I had a pink film which was easily removed.

Speculating here but I think the lemon juice removed a small layer of zinc near the surface and just left the copper but once I cleaned the pink film off the brass underneath appeared entirely normal. I think I will repeat that tonight and post before and after pics. I don't have any super scrungy brass but I doi have a lot that isn't shiny so we will see. Sacrificing a few .223's and 45's to science as of 3:40 est
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