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That is a very nice Yohnson you have there. With good case hardening on the trigger and hammer I am thinking it does not have a reblue job, but ?? If RJay is correct with the 1915 date, and I think he is, it is probable that the gun is chambered for the .32 S&W Long. It is chambered because you can see the shoulders in your cylinder picture. Find out in a Long fits. The competing Harrington & Richardsons of the era were chambered for the Long. If, on the other hand, it is chambered for .32 S&W (short), then that ammo is readily available, well, sort of. In such case, a .32 Auto will not chamber as the case is longer than the .32 S&W case. As was pointed out above, it is not a good idea to fire .32 Auto, which is loaded to higher pressure, in any of these old top breaks.
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