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I think any of the fine hardware mentioned in this thread would make for very good LE handguns. I have a few of the recommended ones (45's, 92's a Hi Point clone etc.) but I do not own a Glock. That said, I have shot them 100's of times via both range rentals and buddies guns (in fact, I have become quite enamored with the 26 to complement my P11 for CCW though it's a tad larger...?).

With the Glock (for me) what separates it from the guns in my modest collection is that they are more of a "tool" so to speak than any other handgun I either have or have shot. Even when disassembled they seem so simple compared to say my 45 or Hi Power (no offense to the late great JMB of whom I idolize ). So out of curiosity I researched Gaston Glock and that's when I determined that the "tool" like feel of the Glock was intentional in that Glock never had any firearms experience whatsoever as an Austrian engineer. So when he designed the Glock handgun, his intention was to make a simply engineered tool-like gun that was virtual impossible to either malfunction or break. So that LE has found these to be a recommended Dept. issue surprises me not in the least.

Definitely will be my next (and perhaps last for a while ) firearm purchase.

However, they do malfunction now and then to be sure like any other man-made object:

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