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I've got too good an imagination - the idea of fighting with bayonets scares the puddin' out of me. But in regard to the earlier post about the Krag and the 1903 and their relationship to Mauser, the Krag has a single locking lug. Krag also has a claw extractor, but it is smaller and in a different place on the bolt than that of a Mauser. That, along with the side-gate magazine, make the Krag much different. At the time the Krag was adopted, the main Mauser was the Argentine Model 1891, and the claw extractor had not appeared at that date, but it still had the famous dual, opposed locking lugs.

On the other hand, if you look at an '03 Springfield, I think you have to admit the close similarity to the contemporary Mausers. I am sure most of you know that the U.S. paid royalties to the Mausers. Wasn't that nice of us? An interesting thing is that the '03 retained the magazine cutoff that first appeared on the Krag, but which was never found on a Mauser. Our ordnance people apparently maintained an allegiance to the idea of single loading fire for a long time after discarding the trapdoor Springfield.
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