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Thanks for the ideas and the response. I think that she'd be less turned off by a left-handed AR. I think the ejecting brass would be an issue for her, a turn off from shooting.

Venom is right! I do own an AR15, but the thing is it is a RRA Elite Operator 2, so it's starting weight was round 8 lbs. I lightened it up a bit by swapping so of the parts out, but it still probably weighs some where around 8 lbs with the scope. To cut the to chase: it definitely seems awkward in her hands and she doesn't like holding it.

I dunno. Maybe Stag Arms makes an AR-15 in a left model light enough for her. They don't list their stats, but their most basic model seems like it could be light enough. The RRA's Left-T models seem too heavy.

What I'm looking for is more around the 4-6 lb mark, like I said. I just had her handle my carbon fiber barreled, troy-chassis 10-22, which probably weighs somewhere around the 5+ lb mark. It was right on the border for her, but she'd shoot it fine.

What I just looked into as I read your posts and thought about everything, is the Beretta Cx4 Storm in 9mm. It weighs 5.75 lbs, and so might just barely be light enough. Also a plus, all the controls are ambi or swappable and so is the ejection port! Does anybody have experience with the gun?
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