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Yeah, that Edge Kote looks good. All I want is to have the new dry holster look a little more worn and used than it is. I know about wearing a holster around the house for a while. I do that with other products but this Ruger is too big for doing that.
Bear is a tradename leather dressing grease and it's used for softening, preserving, and water-proofing hunting and work boots.
When first inserted, the Ruger was too long so the strap could not close. The holster was so stiff, the rear sights snagged. I had to flex the holster top quite a bit to make room for the rear sights to clear. After that I could shove that big 44 deeper to make the strap snap closed.
I like the idea of wrapping the revolver. I'll wrap some plastic around the back end so that rear sight can push the leather away leaving some sort of small gap. Thanks for the tips.
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