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Originally Posted by polyphemus View Post
This is good stuff,you cut an empty shell,Where?if you got too much volume after you weigh that specific gun powder then you cut a little more,how much?
and what with? you file it? and if you cut too much at first you try again or what?.Like I said life's too short.
And no,in the remote occasion that I do something right I cannot repeat it if my life depends on it.
This is becoming comical. Nothing is more repeatable than a fixed empty vessel. If you want to repeat it, make more empty vessels the same way you did the first one. If you take too much off, start again.

My AutoDisk powder measure is nothing more than a big, automatic dipper. If I want a bit more charge than one hole in a disk gives me I modify it (ream it, notch if, chamfer it, etc) and mark the new volume on the side of it. If I lose this disk, I buy another one and modify it the same way. I have repeated it.

A dipper is a dipper, not some magical vessel that is tied to one specific powder.

As I said before, there is a serious disconnect here. We all seem to understand how to relate the basic concept of volumetric measurement to use dippers, either purchased or homemade. You do not. There is nothing wrong with that, you dont need to. You are free to measure a charge any way you like.
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