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There's much wrong with your statement. Let me break it down.

1) Soldiers and SWAT using them doesn't prove that they're good for us civilians. It proves that with what they are doing, and with their rules of engagement, they have some use. Do you spend your time holding insurgents at gun point? Do you spend time clearing out rooms and shooting hostage takers (iron sights would work better in this situation most of the time)? Do you train to effectively use all of the tools at your disposal many hours each week (so you aren't fixated on just the one aiming device)?
There's much wrong with your reading comprehension.

Soldiers/SWAT using them only proves that they work well as an offensive tool.
emphasis added.

Then I went on to say I only have them on a gun I keep for my wife to use in an emergency (she doesn't shoot enough to aim instinctively), and a gun that came with one.

Maybe I didn't make it quite obvious enough that I wasn't making a case for lasers. To reiterate; I can see how they could be useful for people with fading eyesight, or in a few specific situations, but - as I said before - for me they're not worth it.

As far as me watching too many movies - not so much. We have small kids, so the only movies I get to watch usually feature cartoon animals rather than SWAT teams.
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